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Voice Talent


Recent Clients Include: Subaru, Publix, and Starbucks


Commercial Demo

With years of experience in the industry, Jamee can bring your commercial scripts to life and help you effectively communicate your message to your target audience.



An explainer video is a up to 90-second web-based video explain products and services




E-Learning is the delivery of training through digital resources.


HOT AC Imaging

A term used in the radio broadcasting industry to describe the audio branding and production elements used in Hot AC radio stations.



These services offer a wide range of voice talents with diverse styles and languages to effectively represent a company’s brand and deliver messages in a clear and engaging manner.



Automotive voice talent services provide professional voice recordings for in-car navigation systems, GPS devices, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and other automotive applications.

Vocal Booth

Jamee’s Studio Bricks VO Edition vocal booth provides a controlled, acoustically treated space essential for capturing high-quality voice recordings, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in the voice-over industry.


Jamee Thompson Voice Talent Services deliver a professional and engaging tone, perfect for corporate announcements, event promotions, and public service announcements. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors will ensure that your announcements are delivered with clarity and impact, capturing the attention of your audience.


Documentaries bring a rich and emotive storytelling element, enhancing the narrative and drawing in viewers with compelling vocal delivery. Jamee Thompson’s experienced voice actors have the ability to convey the depth and emotion of your documentary, adding a powerful layer to your storytelling.


Government projects offer a trustworthy and authoritative voice, ideal for public service announcements, informational videos, and official government communications. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors bring a sense of credibility and professionalism to government-related content, ensuring that your message is delivered with gravitas and clarity.


Imaging and radio provide a dynamic and engaging voice to enhance radio imaging, station IDs, and promotional materials. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors have the ability to capture attention and create a memorable impression, making your radio content stand out and resonate with listeners.


Narration offers a captivating and expressive voice to bring stories, audiobooks, and presentations to life. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors have the skill to convey the emotion and depth of your narrative, engaging listeners and holding their attention throughout.


Non-profit initiatives deliver a warm and compassionate voice, perfect for conveying the mission and impact of non-profit organizations. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors bring empathy and sincerity to non-profit content, connecting with audiences and inspiring support for your cause.


Pharmaceutical content provide a clear and authoritative voice, ideal for medical narration, educational videos, and pharmaceutical promotions. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors deliver complex medical information with precision and clarity, ensuring that your pharmaceutical content is communicated effectively.

Political Spots

Political spots offer a persuasive and impactful voice, perfect for political advertisements, campaign messages, and advocacy content. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors have the ability to convey passion and conviction, delivering your political message with authenticity and influence.

Promo Trailers

Promo trailers provide an energetic and compelling voice, ideal for movie trailers, product promotions, and event announcements. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors bring excitement and intrigue to your promo trailers, captivating audiences and generating interest in your offerings.


PSAs deliver a clear and persuasive voice, perfect for public service announcements, awareness campaigns, and social issue advocacy. Jamee Thompson’s voice actors convey urgency and empathy, ensuring that your PSA resonates with audiences and inspires action.


These services offer a range of voice talents with diverse styles and languages to effectively represent a company’s brand and provide a pleasant and informative experience for callers.

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